The reasons behind the prison reform in Kazakhstan

The President of Kazakhstan, Tokayev, called for more controls in Kazakh prisons, where often the human rights of detainees are not respected, as torture is still practiced. The same declared his intentions in a tweet on the day of July 31, in

Qatar Petroleum's activism goes as far as Guyana

In recent days, the giant Qatar Petroleum has reached an agreement with Total for sharing exploration and production rights for two offshore blocks in Guyana, in Latin America. The agreement between the two parties, subject to the approval of the local government,

China wants to conquer the Caucasus

Azerbaijan wants to intensify trade with China: Azerbaijani Minister of the Economy, Shanin Mustafayev, reported this during the summit with the Chinese delegation, represented by the deputy head of China, CAMC Engineering, Wang Yuhang. According to reports from the local agency Azernews,


Almost 70 years ago, since the end of the Second World War, Japan once again will see its own fleet at sea. In this case two battleships belonging at the fleet will not be built from scratch, but through the expansion of

La Françafrique and 21st century neo-colonialism

The term “Françafrique” is used, generally in a pejorative way, to designate the special relationship established between France and its ancient colonies in sub-Saharan Africa. This relationship is characterized by the role of extra-diplomatic networks and the direct interference of the French